Sturgeon Caviar

Huso Huso Caviar / Sturgeon Caviar / Beluga Caviar

Baerii ( Siberian Sturgeon)


Available Sizes: 3-3,4 mm

Packing : 1-1,8 kg original Tins or Upon Customer Request

Certificates :CITES

There are two different caviars in Iran

First beluga caviar that comes from Huso Huso sturgeon in the name of Beluga caviar which is the best and the most famous and expensive caviar in the world .

The Huso huso sturgeons take 12-14 years to give beluga caviar, this is the reason of the of being expensive of beluga caviar

The color of beluga is usually gray spectrum , some of beluga are darker and some are lighter which the lighter one has more fans

The taste is fishy and creamy and salty

The size of beluga eggs are more than 3 mm, that We export 3.2 mm not smaller ,but the bigger eggs are more rare and expensive

The biggest beluga size in Iran is 3.4 mm but it’s very rare

The 42 gram salt is added to caviar in processing , but if our clients need less ,in case of preorder We can do it (the European needs 37 gr salt)

The most important factor for caviar is the freshness of it!

So We don’t buy any caviar older than 2 months

When caviar is harvested from sturgeon fish is poured in 1kg or 1.8kg orginale tins , caviar can last in orginale tins 9-12 months

But if caviar got repacked in smaller tins , has only 3-4 months time to be used

So most of our clients buy caviar in orginal tins and repack it themselves in their country







Iranian Sturgeon Caviar -Beluga Caviar ,Baerii Caviar


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