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RCG Seafood Business Suarl
Han Bel Air, Rue 480 Dakar /Senegal
Tel/Mobile:00 221 779 91 92 93 (Senegal)
Tel:00 90 536 202 07 94 (Turkey)
Office:00 221 338 32 22 23
Fax:00 221 338 20 28 50
Whatsapp:+221 779 91 92 93

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25 Comments on Contact Us

  1. mohamed eltawargy // September 29, 2011 at 7:41 am // Reply

    sear sir
    we are Egyptian company i want to work with your company so im ask about cuttle fish and red mullet if you can supply now please send to me the price and Payment Method and all details

    thank you

  2. Dear Sir

    Nice to meet you !

    We search the websie of your company on internet.

    Can you tell me if that your company is supplying Seafrozen Skipjack Tuna Whole Round or not ?

    We are looking for Seafrozen Skipjack TUNA to supply for some Canning factories.

    And if you have this product, plz kindly tell us . This is the chance for us to do business. Hope that you have Seafrozen Skipjack Tuna !

    We also want to purchase Sword Fish, Marlin, and Sardinella. If you have these products, pls kinldy tell us, so that we will send our inquiry .

    Much grateful to your attention !

    Awaiting for your good news.

    Best regards,


    Add: Nguyen Binh Khiem St., District 1, Hochiminh city, Vietnam
    Tel: 0084 .8 .38294513,
    E-mail : ;
    HandPhone: +84.1223.906.903
    Skype ID : caubevang5858

  3. Hi
    we are looking for frozen, head off,gutted
    apox 30kg weight skipjack tuna 20,000tons
    every 2/3 months
    Can you supply?
    You can quote us FOB Dakar
    Aziz Anwar

  4. Diego Lezcano // November 28, 2011 at 5:06 pm // Reply

    Dear Sirs,
    We are looking for a supplier as follows:

    Black grouper
    HL, HO, gutted & scaled
    3-5, 5-10, 10-+ kgs.
    Quantity : 6×40″

    Sole fish
    All sizes
    1×40″ per month

    Mahi mahi fillet
    +1 kg/pc

    Please, let us know if you could supply this merchandise
    waiting your kindly response

  5. Dear sir

    we can supply you following seafood products now:

    skip jack tuna 1.80 kg











  6. Dear Sir,
    We are currently looking for the seafood as following, please kindly advise.

    1.Blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus )
    size assortment, we prefer more 100/150, 150/200, and 200up.
    male/female ratio with or without roe.
    Monthly capacity
    price indication
    2.Ribbon fish
    size assortment, we prefer 700/1000 and 1000up.
    Monthly capacity for 1x40FCL
    price indication
    3.Red grouper
    price indication
    4.Crab claw
    size assortment
    price indication

  7. Hi There, we are a middle eastern company and we are looking for a supplier for frozen grey mullet roe. Let me know if you cal assist. I can be reached at Thanks, M

  8. I am a food distributor in the USA. I am looking for cassava croaker. Please, send me a quote.

  9. Hi, our company is trying to purchase frozen mackerel and an estimated volum about 3-4 containner per year.
    size between 400-600g and 44lbs or 20kg per package. We need to know the price for pounds!!
    I can be reach at 253-333-9683 or FAX: 253-333-9689.

    Thank you


    Hyun Kim
    Seoul Traiding Inc.

  10. Dear sir
    we are Korean company, I want to Buy Ribbon fish from your company if you can supply.
    Please send to me the offer, Payment and details about your Ribbon fish.

    Best regards.

    Sukwoo Lee

  11. سيدى العزيز
    من فضلك نحن نحتاج منكم تصدير لنا الحبار والكالمارى
    من فضلك انتظر منك الرد اشكرك

  12. Dayanand Boholah // October 17, 2012 at 6:23 am // Reply

    Dear sir/ Madam,

    Good day. We are a seafood company based in Mauritius named Dayanand Boholah Seafoods Co. Ltd. We are specialized in the importation of fresh & frozen seafoods from foreign countries & then distributed in hotels, supermarkets & restaurants all over the island. Our company stock capacity is 500 tons. We are looking for suppliers to supply us with the following seafoods: Moonfish, Tilapia fish Fillets & Parrot Fish.

    Please find below our requirements for the above mentioned seafoods:

    Moonfish of red colour
    Headless, Gutted, without belly
    10kg/ up, 10-15% glazing

    Frozen Tilapia Fillets ( shallow skinless, PBO, boneless, CO treated, well trimmed )
    10% glazing,
    size before glazing
    Size: 160-200g
    Packing: IQF, 1kg plain bag 10 x 1kg/ctn

    Frozen Parrots Fish- All colours except Black & White
    ( Head on, gutted, scale off)
    15-20% glazing
    500/1000 g
    1000/2000 g
    2000 g/ up

    Payment mode: L/C at sight

    Destination port CIF Port Louis

    If you can offer us the product mentioned above, kindly send us photos & pricelist, kindly reply us on: *****

    Looking forward to have a positive reply the soonest possible.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Kind regards,

  13. youssef talha // February 6, 2013 at 7:03 pm // Reply

    We Talha Sons Company, Tripoli / Libya, and we want to contract with your company to bring large quantities of frozen fish from Turkey to Libya.It please give us prices Type sparus aurata

  14. Hi, We’re seafoods exportor located in Seattle washington, Please give us direct contact information or contact us first, We plan to visit senegal for Ribbon fish business. Please contact us ASAP

  15. D. Effendy // April 17, 2013 at 4:45 am // Reply

    Dear sir,
    We are glad to advise you that we are looking for dried sea cucumber especially : Holothuria Scabra. Prickly and White Teat Fish size 13 cm up.
    If you have this species please feel free contact us.

  16. adel edderwish // May 7, 2013 at 11:00 am // Reply

    dear sir
    pls send me price of Frozen Sea Bream-Sparus AURATA c&f misurata port -libya size400/600

  17. eng.m elzoghby // February 19, 2014 at 10:23 pm // Reply

    ATT: Import Manager
    Dear Sir,
    We are currently looking for the seafood as following, please kindly advise.
    1.Blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus )size assortment,/ we prefer more 100/150, 150/200, and 200up./male/female ratio with or without roe./Monthly capacity/price indication
    2.Ribbon fish/size assortment, we prefer 700/1000 and 1000up./Monthly capacity for 1x40FCL/price indication
    3.Red grouper/size/price indication/season
    4.Crab claw/size assortment/price indication
    5-frozen-sea-bass/size assortment, we prefer1200/3000 and 5000up/season/Monthly capacity for 1x40FCL/price indication
    6- -frozen-sea-bream- /size assortment, we prefer400/600 and 700up/season/Monthly capacity for 1x40FCL/price indication
    Look forward to hearing from you soon

    Best regards,
    Eng ,M EL Zoghby .

    • Dear Sir/Madam,

      Good day to you.

      Let me introduce myself; I am Sandi, from PT Fresh On Time Seafood, Indonesia.

      We are a seafood processor and packer for almost 20 years with our main products are Frozen Yellowfin Tuna, Pasteurized Crabmeat, Frozen Raw Octopus and Frozen Raw Vannamei Shrimp.
      Our processing plant is also certified with HACCP, FDA, EU approval and BRC. You can visit our website at

      Through this opportunity, we would like to offer you :

       Frozen Tuna Steak
      Frozen cut, CO treated, IVP, IQF, 100% NW, 5 kg/MC
      Size : 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz

      I have attached some pictures of our products. Thank you.

      Sincerely yours,
      Ade Sandi(Mr)

  18. Dear Sir,

    This is Vivian from China Shipping Company.
    Our company do shipping business more than 15 years, we can offer you efficient service and best rates, we are quite experienced at shipping frozen containers.
    If you do business with China, please feel free to ask me quote the latest shipping prices.
    Thank you.

    Skype: ShippingVivian519

  19. Good day, we are looking for octpus , lobster and squid .we are in the Gambia . we do like your offer and cif barcelona please

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