Frozen Seafoods

As We are Rcg Seafood Business Suarl , we purchase and ship only Top A Grade ,FROZEN seafoods for our customers every time.

Quality is our priority for every single shipment .

Unlike many other shippers*suppliers ,we have to make our customers 100 % Satisfied and happy with our products and service to let us continue our mutual benefit and business for a long time together .

Baby Cuttle fish

Black sea cucumber

Blue Crab

Bobo Croaker





Cuttle fish

Fish Heads

Frozen on board Seafoods

Giant Squid

Green Lobster

Grey Triggerfish


Horse Mackerel

John Dory

Leather Jacket

Little Tunny

Loligo Vulgaris (Calamary -Loligo Squid)


Mix Afric

Mullet Roe

Octopus Vulgaris (pulp -pulpo)



Pud Shrimp

Red Bream

Red Mullet

Red Snapper

Reef Cod Grouper

Ribbon Fish

Royal Sea Cucumber

Rubberlip Grunt

Sardine Pilchardus



Silver Croaker

Skate Wings

Sole Long

Tiger Prawn

Tiger Sole

Top Shell Meat

Tuna Loins

White Grouper

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