Dried Datina (Meagre) Fish Maws

Datina Maws //Dusky Kob/Meagre Fish maws

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Dusky Kob Maws

Dried Meagre Fish Maws (JEWFISH Air Bladders)

No Chemical Treatments ** % 100 Sun Dried

Available Sizes :

50-80 grs

80-120 grs

120-150 grs

150-200 grs

200-250 grs

250-300 grs


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2 Comments on Dried Datina (Meagre) Fish Maws

  1. Yang Jian Liang // March 31, 2018 at 5:27 am // Reply

    Hi. We are from China and interested in DRIDE COEVINA FISH MAW and DRIED DATIMA FISH MAW. Would you like to send me the price of each size in CIF?

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