Fish Meal – Fish Flour

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fish meal

Origin: West Africa



pelagic species of the raw material treated in general:

 sardine (Sardina pilchardus).

Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus).

 The flat sardinella (yaboï tass).

 round Sardinelle. Sardinella aurita.

Or fresh fish waste from developed societies and fish canning for human consumption.

Physical characteristics :

¾ Status: flour in the form of dry powder.

¾ Color: light brown.

Chemical composition :

¾ Protein: min 65% to max 69% of origin of the whole fish.

And min 55% max 60% original waste Fishy (waste canning).

fatty materials: 0 to 10%

 Humidity: 6-10%

 Ash: 12 to 18%

 Salt: Max 2%

 Calcium: 7.57%

 Phosphorus: 4.27%

 Sodium: 0.35%

 Potassium: 0.35%

 Magnesium: 0.23%

bacteriological characteristics:

9 Salmonella: absence.

Shigella 9: absence.


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