Patagonian Argentine Red Shrimp (Pleoticus muelleri)

Argentina Red Shrimp

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Argentina Red Shrimp

Argentine Red Shrimp

Names in Different Languages: 

Argentinische Rotgarnele (D)

Argentinsk roedreje (DK)

Langostino (E)

Camarón argentino (E)

Salicoque rouge d’Argentine (F)

Katkarapu-laji (FIN)

Argentine red shrimp (GB)

Gambero rosso argentino (I)

Ebi (J)

Argentijnse roodgarnaal (NL)

Camarão vermelho arg

red shrimp supplier

Red Shrimp from Argentina

Available Sizes :

L1 – 10/20 ppk
L2 – 21/30 ppk
L3 – 31/40 ppk
Processing Methods :
Frozen on board -Frozen in land

Commercial Name: Argentina Red Shrimp

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