Frozen SALMON TROUT from Turkey

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Turkish Salmon Trout Salmon Trout from Turkey

We can offer frozen ”SALMON TROUT ” ( Onchorhynchus mykiss ) from Turkey,

Available Sizes:

2-3 kgs **3-4 kgs**4+ kgs

Processing Methods : Whole Frozen,Head Off ,Gutted , Fillets

Glazing : As per customer request

Packing : Bulk


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1 Comment on Frozen SALMON TROUT from Turkey

  1. This is cluney sherman vincent from atlantic choice seafood out of canada im in need of 1000MT of giant squid neck 500+gr up 1000MT of squid wing 800gr+ 1000MT of squid tentacle 800gr + 1000MT of ILLEX Squid 100/200 200/300. 500MT of salmon for canning size 2kg + all destination port BANKOK THAILAND as i have contract with thai navy and police thats why the quanity is so big

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