Epinephelus Guaza/Marginatus-Yellow Grouper from Senegal

Epinephelus marginatus
Finnish: Tummameriahven
French: Mérou noir
German: Riesen-Zackenbarsch
Hungarian: Spanyol csíkossügér
Italian: Cernia mediterranea
Latvian: Melnais asaris
Lithuanian: Rudasis akmeninis ešerys
Maltese: Ċerna mdellel
Polish: Granik wielki
Portuguese: Mero legítimo
Romanian: Epinefel gigant
Slovenian: kirnja
Spanish: Mero
Swedish: Brun havsabborre
Bulgarian: Гигантски групер
Czech: kanic guaza
Danish: Kæmpeaborre
Dutch: Grote zaagbaars
English: Dusky grouper
Estonian: kivikoha


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