Live Mussels (Mytilus Galloprovincialis)

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Galician live raft-grown mussels,selected for high meat yield,intense meat pigmentation  and correct Shell morphology.Delivered with full EU Sanitary certification,precission ,size –sorted,cleansed and packed in 10 kg mesh sacks ove 900 kg europallets

Live Mussels -Sizes:

XXL (<20pp/kg)

XL(21-26 pp/kg)

L (27-36 pp/kg)

M (37-45 pp/kg)

S (46-60 pp/Kg)

Processing- Live Mussels

Frozen meat Mussel XXL (50-80),XL (80-110),L (100-200),M (200-300),S (400-700) IQF,12 % in 10 kg Cardboard boxes over europallet.Half Shell Mussel XL (40-60),L (60-90),BREADED and Double Shell Mussel IQF 14 % in 5 or 10 kg Cardboard boxes over europallet.Other presentations and formats delivered upon request

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