Gigas Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)

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gigas oyster

gigas oyster -crassostrea gigas

Excellent Quality Gigas Oyster ,derived from domestic broodstock under a breeding programme selecting for high growth rates,high meat content and resistance to desiase.Produced in a semi intensive cultivation system in zone A Atlantic Waters,certified Bonamia Spp-Martellia SPP-and Perkinsus Spp-free.Purified in microfiltered,setirel seawater under European Union Sanitary Authorization.

Handling-Gigas Oyster

Although the product is at all times kept under refrigeration (4-5 C) AND ORİGİNATES FROM Zone A Waters,free of the main diseases,purification in chlorinated or ozonized seawater is advisable (24-48 h,12-14 C)

Technical Details-Gigas Oyster

Manually selected specimens 9-12 months of age.Maximum time from collection to delivery <36 h.Numbe of pieces per kg:8 to 12.Average live weight per individual :90-120 gr

Presentation-Gigas Oyster

20 kg Mesh Bags (food grade polypropylene)

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