Scomber Japonicus-Pacific Mackerel

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Frozen Scomber Japonicus|Pacific Mackerel Whole Round

Frozen Scomber Japonicus|Pacific Mackerel H.G

Frozen Scomber Japonicus|Pacific Mackerel HGT

Frozen Scomber Japonicus|Pacific Mackerel Fillets

caballa-Scomber Japonicus - Chub Mackerel

caballa-Scomber Japonicus – Chub Mackerel

Fishing Season:

October, November, December


Español :Caballa / Macarela Estornino

English :Pacific Mackerel / Chub Mackerel

Italiano :Scombro Cavallo / Scombro Macchiato

German :Makrele / Mittelmeermakrele

Danish :Spansk makrel

French :Hareng du Pacifique / Maquereau

Finnish :Sardiini

Japanese :Maiwashi / Sardinopa

Norwegian :Sardin

Portuguese :Sardinha

Russian :Evropeiskaya sardina / сардинка

Swedish :Sardin

Greek :Sardele / Σαρδέλα / Παπαλίνα

Polish :Makrela

Icelandic :Sardinur / Sardína

Dutch :Pelser / Sardientje

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