Pagrus Pagrus | Red Porgy Exporter

Frozen Red Porgy|Pagrus Pagrus Whole Round

Frozen Pagrus Pagrus | Red Porgy Whole Gutted

Frozen Pagrus Pagrus | Red Porgy Fillets


Pagrus Pagrus | Red Porgy

Pagrus Pagrus | Red Porgy

Fishing Season: 

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Español : Besugo

English : Red Porgy / Sea Bream

Italiano : Pagro Mediterraneo

German : Gemeiner Sackbrassen

Danish : Blankesten

French : Pagre Commun

Finnish : Pargo

Japanese : Yôroppa-madai

Norwegian : Gewone zeebrasem

Portuguese : Pargo legítimo

Russian : Obyknovenny pagr / Zolotisty pagrus

Swedish : Sparid

Greek : Mertzani / Fangr

Polish : Pagrus / Pagrus Rózowy

Icelandic :  Brotflekkur

Serbo-Croatian : Pagar crvenac

Turk : Kırma Mercan


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