Merluccius Hubbsi | Argentine Hake Exporter

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Frozen Merluccius Hubbsi | Argentine Hake:Origin:Argantine

Merluccius Hubbsi | Argentine Hake

Merluccius Hubbsi | Argentine Hake


Fillets  –  H.G.T.  –  Fish block  –  Sausage  –  Minced  –  Portions  –  Breadeds

Fishing Season:

January, February, March, August, September, October, November, December

Español : Merluza Hubbsi

English : Argentine Hake

Italiano : Merluzzo / Nasello

German : Argentinischer Seehecht

Dutch : Argentinsk Kulmule

French : Merlu d’argentine

Finnish : Argentiinankummeliturska

Japanese : Merurusa-rui

Norwegian : Argentijnse Heek

Portuguese : Pescada da Argentina

Russian : Argentiniskaya merluza / Patagonsky Khek

Swedish : Argentinsk Kummel

Polish : Morszczuk argentynski

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