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1 Comment on Frozen Seafoods for African Markets

  1. ABDUL HAMID NAAMA // August 21, 2013 at 11:24 am // Reply

    The ATEGA company to import meat processing a based in Tajora Tripoli, Libya, completely owned by the National Investment a holding company (Government Company) , with more than half a billion capital Dollar.
    Operational in the field import frozen and fresh meat (sheep, cows, poultry and fish).
    The company desire to deal with you, and open perspective of cooperation with your respectable organization and import significant quantities of red and white meat and live sheep and cows.
    Furthermore we have the facility to store the frozen meat at our 3000 square meter refrigerator also high-quality slaughterhouses with its quality component, and Farm of five Hectare for live sheep and cows.
    We hope as one of or I should say the first and the richest company in the country in its filed, we like to have cooperation with your organization, would you kindly send your profile of your organization to us and then we like to visit you to stand at your facility. send an invitation visit from you to us by name the following

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