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2 Comments on Fresh ,Frozen Bluespotted SEABREAM

  1. How much is a ton of Dorad frozen out of the port of Aqaba and all sizes

  2. 22 August 2013

    Attention: Sales/Marketing Department

    Subject: Request for Quotation

    Dear Sir/Madam :

    Our company, Bristol Exports, Inc., is a trading company that facilitates import and export transactions of a global-wide clientele involving various products and goods. Our company is interested in your product line which we saw at your company website. May I ask for an FOB price below:


    With the following specifications:


    Packed in 20-kg carton

    To be supplied on a monthly basis at 50,000 Kgs per month for 3 MONTHS

    Port of Destination: Takoradi, Ghana

    Payment Method: 50% Cash, 25% Against the Shipping Document and 25% Upon Arriving at the Port

    Please send your price list if available.

    For more information about our company, you may visit our website at

    Should you be interested in being our trade partner, kindly contact us through the following:

    Telephone: +441172050003
    Facsimile: +441173701026

    Your response shall be highly appreciated. We will be looking forward to doing business with you soon.

    Very truly yours,

    Emmanuel Kwadwo
    Export Specialist

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