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Senegal Horse Mackerel,Atlantic Mackerel,Pasific Mackerel,Tuna Fish,Skipjack Tuna,Bonito,Sardinellas, and other Fresh and Frozen Seafoods
Along its Wide  Atlantic coastline, SENEGAL is in the middle of  an Exclusive Economic Zone  that contains some of the world’s richest fishing grounds. We are a RCG Seafood CO.INC Based in Dakar and  exporter of Senegal’S both fresh and   frozen seafood. We manage hundreds  boats in Senegal,Gambia,Guinea,Mauritania, Morocco and Ghana coastlines and we can supply over 4000MT per month. We export 50 species of fish but mainly sardinellas, horse mackerel, mackerel , sardines,bigeye tuna,yellowfin tuna,sword fish,mahi mahi,red mullet,skipjack tuna and so on.
We offer also for airfreight deliveries a wide range of fresh seafood to more than 12 countries.